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Coral Grant: Life Coaching in Action

· Coral Grant,Coach Coral Grant

Coral Grant of BestLife Coaching Society is a life coaching success story and a successful life coach who has touched countless lives. Her Professional Life Coaching Certification Program and Subconscious Clearing Technique has helped more than 3,000 life coaches worldwide create the lives of their dreams and then pass the gift onto others.

Born in Alaska, Coral Grant now lives the life of her dreams in Colorado and has overcome challenges to achieve entrepreneurial success. She works side-by-side with her husband, Mac Grant, and they are the head coaches at BestLife Coaching Society.

When speaking of what led her to the path she’s on now, Coral Grant stated:

“I had a very positive and encouraging mother, however my experiences of drug abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, gang violence and bouts of extreme poverty definitely impacted my decision to learn how to clear traumas and eventually create my Subconscious Release Technique and not only create the Life of my dreams but also to help others do the same!”

When speaking of her marriage and family life, she said “I absolutely have an incredible marriage with my soul mate Mac Grant and we have a love so strong it would last a hundred lifetimes . . . I am a stay at home Rock Star Working Mom driving my kids from Karate to cheer to acting lessons while I teach classes and inspire my clients.”

If Coral Grant’s story inspires you, consider reaching out to begin your own journey at

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